Jen and Matt

KEITH!!!!!  Where on earth do we begin?!?! For starters, how about an enormous and an incredible THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for being such a huge part of our wedding's atmosphere and celebration! The evening just ran so smoothly with you behind those tables!!! Matt and I have honestly never heard so many compliments about a wedding DJ before, you have no idea how many of our guests came up to us that night just raving about how wonderful and talented you are. The way that you had the evening progress from our waltz, to the dances with our parents, to literally everyone out on the dance floor was just so amazing to see. Whenever Matt and I had a chance to have a quick dance, we were definitely never alone on the dance floor, you had those guests moving until the place shut down from what we hear!!!! There was music for everyone! My grandparents were out there, my dad was out there half the night and our friends were texting us in the days after the wedding saying that their legs were still sore!!! Our grand exit was so special. The song right before Lonestar where everyone was jumping up and down and clapping their hands looking at Matt and I made us feel like celebrities! Then going into one of the most beautiful songs for our last waltz was the icing on the cake, I don't know if I ever really stopped crying all night haha! The impact of the tunnel exit was something we could have never truly anticipated...we had the majority of our guests still at the wedding and having them bid us farewell like that seemed so surreal, then tunnel extended all the way off the dance floor to the top of the stairs! Keith I could go on and simply, thank you. Matt and I will never forget our wedding day and seeing our friends and family come together and have such a wonderful time. I guarantee you, when my Victoria friends are ready to start planning their weddings, your phone will be ringing!!! Thank you!!!
Sensational Sounds, Wedding and Party DJ Victoria, BC

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